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For all your dentistry needs you can count on the professional services of Brenner DDS…

For over 30 years, Scott Brenner DDS has been dedicated to the area of family and cosmetic dentistry for the Lake County area.

At Scott Brenner DDS, we realize that not everyone is at ease when obtaining dentistry services. Our friendly staff members have years of experience in dealing with children and making people of all ages feel as comfortable as possible during their visits.

A beautiful smile takes more than regular brushing and requires periodic professional care. At Scott Brenner DDS, we offer the preventative maintenance and restorative dental health care your family needs to keep their smiles healthy and attractive.

Our modern dental facility uses the newest dental practices and technology available. We are known for high our quality dentistry services and affordable prices. We cater to people of all ages, accept all types of insurance and offer weekend appointments.

For all your dentistry needs, call Scott Brenner DDS today and schedule an appointment; your smile will thank you!


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Phone: 847-918-9763

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